Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ward Creek, Green County 8/31/07

Delorme page 27. This is one of the creeks suggested by the Green County tourism people. There are three potential access points and all are on private property. Off Airport Road, the creek is quite narrow, but was very clear and seems to be in good condition. Didn't seem to be accessible. Off Kubley Road, it was foreboding, with no trespassing signs aplenty.

Fortunately, off Ward Creek Road, which is adjacent to Argue Road, there seems to be friendly access via a bridge. That's where I fished just before dark. It's a swift, clear, classic SW Wisconsin spring-fed brook. I tried ladybug imitations to no avail. Incidentally, Ward Creek is one of only two streams in the county to have brook trout and brookies are the only trout found in Ward Creek, according to an older Wisconsin DNR publication.

The picture I uploaded is of the section off Ward Creek Road.