Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Castle Rock Fly Box


Olive Woolly Bugger
Blue Winged Olive
Tan Elk Hair Caddis
Pheasant Tail


Olive Beadhead Hare's Ear
Black Elk Hair Caddis
Tan Elk Hair Caddis
#10 Deer Hair Ant
Olive Woolly Bugger
#10 Gray Leech
Brown beadhead leech
Early black stonefly


Little black caddis
Sulfur parachute
White streamers
Olive streamers


Soft hackle pheasant tail
Olive gray scud




Zug Bug
Cap Buettner Stornefly Muddler
#20 Olive green midge pupa


#8 Woolly Worm with a black chenille body, grizzly hackle, black bead and red yarn butt

Friday, October 3, 2008

Black Earth Creek, Dane County, 09/29/08

Page 35 on your DeLorme Map. You reach this access point on Route 14 between Scherbel road and the town of Black Earth. Park at the lot and take a quick and well-groomed grass road, which doubles as a farmer's artery to the highway. There is a handy cement slab that spans the creek and makes a nice perch from which to cast.

On the morning I visited, there was a misty rain the whole time. The creek was swollen and moving fast. It was surprisingly clear. There was some surface feeding on a slight #16 BWO hatch.

Mount Vernon Creek, Dane County, 09/29/08

Page 27 on your DeLorme Map. This section of Mount Vernon Creek is south of the town of Mount Vernon. It is the first access point on the western side of the highway, but north of the bridge just after the big bend in route 92.

From the parking lot, you must trudge through shoulder-high weeds for 300 yards in order to get to the creek. They day I visited it was misty and the weeds were soaked. As you can see from the photo, the creek was quite clear with eelgrass plentiful. I tried scuds and prince nymphs to no avail.

Wolf Creek, Lafayette County 09/28/08

Page 26 on your DeLorme map, just north of the Illinois border. This section of Wolf Creek is just after it is joined by Trout Creek. The water was very clear and there was a sparse hatch of #12 blue winged olives. This is the best I've seen the creek look. The bridge you see in the photo is part of the Cheese Country Trail, frequented by ATVs mostly.