Thursday, June 10, 2010

Willow Race, St. Croix County, 06/06/10

Page 70 on your DeLorme map.

The Willow Race is a section of the Willow River below the large falls in Willow River State Park. It's a beautiful freestoner with stairsteps and fast water. Released two rainbows and two browns on a #12 prince nymph. The beautiful specimen in the photo showed characteristics of both a rainbow and a brown. Could not positively identify it.

Kinnickinnic River, Pierce County, 06/06/10

Page 58 on your DeLorme Map

Fished it twice that day, once from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and once from 7 pm until dark. In the morning, found that tiny scuds were active and caught 2 browns and 1 brookie on a #18 tan scud.

In the evening, we found that the water level was up significantly and the water muddied. Caught a modest brookie and a 14" brown on a #14 pink squirrel.

Rush River, Pierce County, 06/04/10

Page 59 on your DeLorme map.

We put in just south of the bridge at Route 72. We entered across from the very lively (at 4 pm!) tavern. We saw tons of fish and they were not as spooky as we thought they might be, given the high sun and clear water.

I released 6 browns. including this 15" beauty on a #12 gold beadhead prince nymph.

Eau Galle River, Pierce County, 06/04/10

Page 59 on your DeLorme map.

That's my brother Andy providing some color to a bland signpost.

We fished the stretch at the confluence of Routes 128 and 72.

The trout got the best of us. Nothing to show but some photos. A local later told us that the best fishing on the Eau Galle can be found nearby in the town of Elmwood, under the dam, FWIW.

Kinnickinnic River, Pierce County 06/04/10

Page 58 on your DeLorme map.

9:30 a.m.

In the spot where my Dad is fishing below the waterfall, I released 3 brookies and 3 browns on a #14 gold beadhead flashback pheasant tail. My brother released 3 browns on a #12 gold beadhead prince nymph. My dad released two browns on #18 Griffiths Gnats.

At the outflow where the twin creeks empty into the lake-like portion, I released 8 browns and brookies using the same #14 gold beadhead flashback pheasant tail.

Willow River, St. Croix County, 06/03/10

Page 70 on your DeLorme Map.

Off County Road A

5:30 p.m. Sparse hatch of #16 sulfurs. Some large #8 caddis.

My brother got two rainbows of modest size on a #12 gold beadhead prince nymph.

Dad lost a rainbow on a #12 elk hair caddis

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue River, Grant County 03/06/10

Page 33 on your Delorme Map, D7. I accessed the Blue River off Bowers Road, which is off county highway G, in the Snow Bottom State Natural Area.
I fished the Blue at around 4 p.m. Seems as if I had the whole place to myself. Wonderful solitude. Scared up a large buck, I was being so quiet.
Grey midges present. Light surface feeding. Hooked and lost one on a #14 gold beadhead Hare's Ear.

Big Green River, Grant County 03/06/10

Page 33 on your Delorme map, D4. I fished off County Road K, just north of Werley.
1:30 p.m. Plenty of grey midges, some surface-feeding. Wading below riffles, 50 yards downstream from the bridge.
Caught 9" rainbow, 36" below a strike indicator, small split shot 6" up from a #14 beadhead prince nymph. Got very cold water down my right hip wader. Was having so much fun that I kept fishing anyway. Was a very cold ride home!

Crooked Creek, Grant County 03/06/10

Page 33 of your DeLorme Map, 5D. Section north of Town Hall Road, off Highway 61.
I encountered Crooked Creek at possibly the worst time to fish it. Just past 11 a.m. Sun overhead, water perfectly clear. The trout were plentiful and extra-wary.
V-Shaped banks made it extremely difficult to sneak up on these fish, but still a lot of fun. In one 25' section I saw an estimated 75 trout. None were bigger than 15" but still I was encouraged by their numbers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where I'm Heading for Opening Day 2010

Cabin fever is just about cured! I am looking forward to wetting a leader in some of the finest streams in Grant County.

  • Pleasant Valley Creek

  • The Fennimore Fork of Castle Rock Creek

  • The Blue River

  • Coon Valley Creek

  • The Six Mile Branch of the Blue River

  • The Big Spring Branch of the Blue River

Hope springs eternal!

Flybox for Opening Day 2010

What I am tying for Opening Day 2010

Four each, all barbless

#18 Orange Scud
#18 Grey Scud
#18 Peach Scud
#14 Orange Scud
#14 Grey Scud
#14 Peach Scud
#14 Prince Nymph
#18 Prince Nymph
#18 Griffith's Gnat
#18 Mosquito
#14 Little Black Stonefly
#18 Black midge
#14 Copper John
#14 Gold Beadhead Hare's Ear
#14 Tan Elk Hair Caddis
#14 Black Elk Hair Caddis
#14 Little Black Caddis
#18 Black San Juan Worm
#18 Ginger San Juan Worm