Saturday, June 21, 2008

Castle Rock Creek, Grant County 06/17/08

Page 33 D6 on your DeLorme Map. County Road Q was washed out near Blue School Road. I had to take Tormey Road up from Highway 18.

Fished my favorite part of Castle Rock, just off Church Road, with the beautiful pastoral scene of the Lutheran Church up on the hill overlooking the stream.

Access is well marked on the north side of the stream. I would not stand on the south side, as it appears to be a part of a private property not belonging to the church.

With the major flooding in the area, Castle Rock was very full and showed signs that it had recently overflowed its banks. From what I understand, spring creeks fare better than runoff creeks in times of flooding.

I was there midday. There was a good bit of feeding action west of the bridge, out of casting range, of course. No visible hatch to speak of, but the trout seemed to be feeding on something just below the surface. I plied them with all manner of nymphs to no avail. I also tried woolly buggers and terrestrials with no success. Still, it was good to get out.

Leggett Creek, Grant County, 06/17/08

Page 25, A6 on your DeLorme Map. Leggett and its twin, Newell Creek empty into the Platte River, which in turn empties into the Mississippi just west of Dickeyville. The section of Leggett I visited was private property, just south of Weinbrenner Road. Finding no person to ask for permission to fish the stream, I did not do so.

The section I visited was swollen with floodwaters, but was still running clear and pretty. It was bordered by a horse pasture as you see in the photos. After visiting Leggett, I drove east on Wienbrenner and found Newell to be poorly taken care-of.