Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bushnell Creek, Green County 9/14/07

DeLorme Map, page 27. This creek is listed in the Wisconsin DNR 2007-2008 Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide as a viable trout stream.

I did not find any clearly marked public fishing areas, but I did ask Mr. Alois Mayer for permission to fish his section of the creek off County Road N. He graciously complied and I said I'd clean up all the trash I saw on his property.

Beautiful, swift, cold, clear, classic SW Wisconsin spring creek. Mr. Alois said the best fishing was below the bridge so I took his advice.

The 9" rainbow (returned) pictured took a black crystal bugger with sponge rubber legs. What a surprise it was to catch a rainbow in this creek. Naturally-reproducing rainbows are not at all common in this part of Wisconsin and I have not heard if the state stocks them in this or other connected creeks.

As I was concentrating on fishing beneath the bridge, I heard a loud snort behind me and discovered I had 30 head of cattle right behind me. Being a city boy, it startled me so much I jumped the fence. The cattle muddied up the stream after that as they took drinks. I had a fish story and a cow story, so I was done anyway.

Other access points to Bushnell Creek appeared to be impassible due to a significant amount of road construction just to the north of Mr. Alois property.