Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weister Creek, Vernon County 9/9/11

We fished the stretch of Weister that is off highway P east of the town of Dell. Fished at sunset.

Weister seems to be one of the many rivers and creeks in this part of Wisconsin that is fit for a canoe. The photo shows Dad on the boat launch.

My brother said "it's certainly not contaminated with any trout!" We chuckled and shared his assessment.

Billings Creek, Vernon County 9/9/11

A ranger at Wildcat Mountain State Park told me about Billings Creek. It's just down the hill on 131 from the park office, technically still in the park. There's a nice parking lot for it just off County Road F.

Dad and I waded a half mile stretch and did not even see a single trout. Water was clear and we were being stealthy. Fished it at about 4 p.m.

Crooked Creek, Grant County 9/9/11

This beautiful little creek is just south of Boscobel. I accessed it off Route 61, north of town hall road. Fished at 10:30 am. Bright clear conditions. Water perfectly clear. In other words, the trout could see you and were spooky.

Released one 12" brown. Drifted a #14 gold beadhead gold rib hare's ear 15" under an indicator. Had to crawl through jewelweed and stay sitting. Drifted it almost blindly beneath and undercut. That's the only way the trout would not see me.

Also tried a #12 cinnamon elk hair caddis, #14 orange scud, #8 Dave's Hopper.

This stretch was narrow and deep with lots of watercress.