Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mount Vernon Creek, Dane County, 8/31/07

Delorme Map page 27. This creek enjoys wide acclaim from a variety of experts; it's among the finest trout streams in western Wisconsin. Mount Vernon has been described as a "showpiece" for the Wisconsin DNR and it's easy to see why...lots of access, abundant trout, insulation from surrounding farmland. Several access points have "public fishing" clearly posted and there's even a section designated a "state fishery area." Despite some fine streams to the south of it in Green County and to the west in Iowa County, I have to fight the urge to fish Mount Vernon exclusively.

The section I fished on this day was off of Route 92, just north of County Road A. I fished upstream from the bridge for 100 yards or so, traversing the fence via the helpful stiles (see photo). The 14" brownie hit a #10 Dave's Hopper and fought with great tenacity. He didn't spend more than a minute out of the water and then sulked back to his hiding spot.

Mount Vernon, in my experience, is very soggy at the edges. I'd wear knee-high waterproof boots. Waders are impractical as it is difficult navigating the stiles and wading Mount Vernon would be a muddy and counterproductive pursuit.

I encountered no other fishermen on the Mount Vernon that weekend. This after being warned that it would be elbow-to-elbow labor day weekend and all. I found it was also opening weekend for a variety of hunting seasons, which probably helped my cause. If my family can spare me, I may make labor day weekend on the Mount Vernon Creek a tradition. Join me if you like.