Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wolf Creek, Lafayette County 07/07/07

DeLorme Map page 26. Southwestern Wisconsin in Lafayette County. Extremely hot conditions at the time of this visit. The state of Wisconsin lists Wolf Creek as a legitimate trout stream in their 2007 Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide. Access point off Patch Road appears to be private property and did not look navigable. North of there, into Gratiot, access improves greatly.

There is full access to Wolf Creek in Gratiot. Just south of Highway 11 is a meandering bank that affords OK access. North of Highway 11 is a city park with terrific access, with weeds at the immediate bank, but nicely mowed otherwise. The Cheese Country Trail makes a stop in this park and there is the constant buzz of ATVs. It's not peaceful solitude, but there is access, and access is everything.

I fished here throughout the day and encountered very muddy conditions. I threw beadhead nymphs, scuds, and terrestrials out there to no avail.