Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brown Branch Creek, Lafayette County 07/07/07

DeLorme Map page 27. Southwestern Wisconsin in Lafayette County. Extremely hot conditions at the time of this visit. The state of Wisconsin lists Brown Branch Creek as a legitimate trout stream in their 2007 Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide. Fortunately, there is some access of this locally-known creek.

Off old highway 11, there is weedy access, but not great.

Off new highway 11, there is a fine access point below the bridge (see photo) just east of Wayne Center Road. i stopped by Marty's in South Wayne and spoke to an old timer about trout fishing in these parts. He was three sheets to the wind, but relayed how he and a partner had spied a two-foot brown trout below the bridge many years ago and couldn't get the fish to bite on anything. So the two of them grabbed a stout rod and a snagging hook and jerked brownie out of there. Where's the DNR when you need them?

I spent the better part of a day in this spot and did not catch a thing. I threw half my fly box at them, mostly concentrating on wooly buggers. Still, it was good to get out and find access. I encountered extremely muddly conditions and warm water (air temp 95 degrees).