Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trout Brook, Lafayette County 07/07/07

DeLorme Map page 26. Southwestern Wisconsin in Lafayette County. Extremely hot conditions at the time of this visit. The state of Wisconsin lists Trout Brook as a legitimate trout stream in their 2007 Trout Fishing Regulations and Guide. Southernmost possible access point, off South Prairie Road finds a dry creek bed! One access point north, off White School Road reveals a brook two feet wide, but entirely choked with weeds. The next access point, off Dunbarton Road, is OK, affording fishing under a bridge. The property just south of the bridge appears to be owned by a farmers Co-op. Some kind soul has put a bench next to the stream and has made some site improvements (see photo). I am afraid that the stream north of the bridge into Gratiot is inaccessible due to posted no trespassing signs and barbed wire over the stream.

Still, it was enjoyable fishing under the bridge with beadhead nymphs that day. No trout, but sometimes it's good just to find access.