Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flies for the June trip

In early June I will be traveling to the Kinnickinnic, Willow and Rush Rivers in west central WI.

Here's what I am tying for the trip...

Midges (black and white)
Light Cahill
Grey Beadhead Hare's Ear
Pink Squirrel
Olive Elk Hair Caddis
Black Elk Hair Caddis
Tan Elk Hair Caddis
Brown Wooly Bugger
Olive Woolly Bugger
Black Woolly Bugger
White Woolly Bugger
Pass Lake tied trude style
Royal Coachman tied trude style
Prince Nymph
Copper John
Pheasant Tail
Terrestrials, particularly ladybugs and ants
Yellow body with grizzly soft hackle
Gray body with grizzly soft hackle
Griffith's Gnat
Brown & White Bivisible
Scud, peach
Scud, grey
Scud, tan