Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Borah Creek, Grant County 03/01/08

Page 25 on your DeLorme Map. This is from the very nice DNR access point off of Bluff Road. A picturesque spot with the bluff shielding the cattle and I from a chilly crosswind.

It is such a pleasure to find a DNR access point with no ambiguity to it and a sturdy stile to traverse (see photos). Borah Creek is one of many streams chronicled in Humphrey & Shogren's Trout Streams of Minnesota & Wisconsin. They were more successful on this stretch than I, by the way. They are published professionals. I am a rank amateur.

A spring creek, Borah, and as such was clear of ice, albeit very cold. Like Castle Rock, it was gin-clear. Its trout were plentiful, but spooky. Conditions like this call for fishing perpendicular to the creek, without casting much of a shadow, kneeling a good 5-10' back to avoid being seen. Still, the bluff blocked much of the icy breeze and in the sunshine it was more than tolerable. This section of Borah is quite shallow, non-channeled and will likely be wadeable.

I fished this spot for a lonely two hours with nothing but a large and loud herd of cattle that obviously were late for their milking and weren't afraid to let anyone know about it. In all that time, just two cars passed, locals likely. No fish, despite plying them with orange scuds, prince nymphs and hare's body soft hackles. An unscientific study of stream report websites from opening day seems to reveal that orange scuds were the right call, though not for me. As my dad says, "it's a poor mechanic who blames his tools."

I found it odd that on both Castle Rock and Borah, both well-known creeks, I encountered no other fishermen that day--especially on Castle Rock. Too cold maybe?

Oh, and my date stamp is messed up on my camera. It should read 3/1/08