Thursday, December 20, 2007

Black Earth Creek flies for Opening Day

An unscientific survey, hat tip to, of successful flies on Black Earth Creek in the month of March. I read all of the stream reports on BEC in March over the last 10 years. Flies are listed in order of times mentioned in the stream reports. The list could make a good tying regimen as you prepare for opening day on the vaunted Black Earth Creek.

Gold rib hare's ear, with or without bead, (mentioned 6 times)
Pheasant tail (3)
Prince nymph (2)
Orange beadhead scud (2)
Pink squirrel (2)
Olive Woolly Bugger (2)
Grey scud (2)
Cinnamon caddis nymph (2)
Blue winged olive (2)
Black woolly bugger
Copper john
Black tent wing caddis
Tan tent wing caddis
Hendrickson nymph
Yuck Bug
Black leech
Biot nymph
Yellow fox
Soft hackle
tan beadhead scud

I am thinking of heading to Black Earth Creek for opening day. Anyone want to come along?