Friday, November 2, 2007

Elk Creek, Vernon County

Page 33 on your Delorme Map.

Our friends at the Lee Wulff Chapter of Trout Unlimited have done some amazing things on Elk Creek in Vernon County--and they're not done. They have some ambitious goals, including...

  • Improve 1.2 miles of trout stream in 2007
  • Reduce sedimentation by stabilizing stream banks
  • Improve spawning habitat by exposing gravel substrate
  • Install habitat favorable to brown trout (i.e., undercut banks, lunker structures) on 2,750 feet of Elk Creek
  • Create habitat favorable to brook trout (i.e., vortex weirs, deep pools, grassy banks) on 3,670 feet of Tenny Spring Creek, a tributary of Elk Creek
  • Install a one-way fish barrier to prevent further migration of brown trout into Tenny Spring Creek brook trout waters
  • Project Costs

    Total cost to complete the Elk Creek Project is estimated to be $171,000. This includes labor, equipment rental, rock, seed, mulch, and lumber and materials for building instream trout habitat lunker structures.

    The above portion is quoted verbatim from their site:

    I can't wait to get up there and try my hand at their handiwork. When I do I'll post pix of what they've done.